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Thank you for visiting the blog that represents Unholy Motorsports. We are a team of two with a shop in the Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden. We previously occupied a space in Highlandtown, once home to Thompson Metalcraft. We've been making bikes from junk parts since 2006, and continue to work on personal projects and on customer bikes by appointment.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Happy Holidays from Unholy Motorsports. Below is the Xmas card I sent out. I really haven't 'felt' the holidays this year. The biggest presents I've received thus far were lending a hand while at work to a group of friends throwing a Xmas surprise for some needy families from their church- and going to 2 fires on Xmas day at work, while on my second of two 48-hour shifts over the past week. I know I shouldn't feel good about the fires. Saw the one homeowner break down and claim that the fire ruined our day (our meaning the FD). Gave her a hug and told her 'even though we hate to see someone's house catch on fire, we like to be there when it happens.' It's what we do.

So far as the shop is concerned... Lots coming in the new year. Mother nature has kept it less than desirable to be at the shop as of late, but we have a new logo-sticker-patch that have kept me busy in the basement. Here's a preview of that:

Hope your Xmas was better than mine and that you have a fine New Year (and reckless NYE of course).

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wes Lang

Found this guy through various blogs- the ones that tie the whole 'free to wander' lifestyle in with bikes, art, hot rods, non-filtered music, everything old, fast times, excesses of things that put you in places cloaking the sad reality of our already dead society.

This interview (done by Interview Magazine) of Mr. Lang could be me, 2 years older, less artistically talented, but of the same mind and on the same line. I've never met Wes Lang, maybe we're kindred spirits, or maybe we're both just sick of the bullshit hiding in faux reality.

Either way his work is so spot on in a metaphorical way. Reminds me a lot of Ray Pettitbon.
See Wes Lang's work HERE. He's just published a book- I'm adding it to my list of must-haves.

Going to the shop today, working in the well-digger's ass cold on the truck and on the CB's electrics, which I wish I could just rip off of the goddamn thing. Enjoy checking out Mr. Lang in the above links.


Friday, December 3, 2010

jailstyle lace eliminators

Gonna sell these little bands of super-velcro material that replace laces both here and at ETSY . I've been sitting on this idea for some time, and while there's still a lot to do, they work good on low-tops or oxfords using only 1 band per shoe; 2 per shoe for hi-tops. Pics of the product and details forthcoming- check the logo below- which will also be a sticker at some point.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Sister...

Is rad. We skated this boardwalk one night after getting thrown out of the beach house for skating indoors. Here my sister attempts a bobsled run. Ended almost badly, but she had so much fun...

After a week of surfing and drinking with my family on the Outer Banks of NC, back to reality. 3 days at the firehouse this week, and hopefully as many days in the shop working on the truck and the CB project next week.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Shop Rags Coming

Made a few of the new logo and of my dog Rufus' sticker logo-yeah he has a sticker. I'll have 'em up for sale next week- red and white rags with blue and silver inks...

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Mr. Holden

is having an opening at Rocket on Sunday. I will be in Nags Head on a family/ surf/ revitalization sabbatical, but you should be at Rocket on Sunday for this. Seriously.

UM shop rags getting some proper use

Swarm crime boss RB sent this along. Total shop rag porn.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Like Music?

I figured a great way to paint a picture of who I am (and who Merlin is) is to occasionally put up a favorite flavor of Kewl Aid and maybe provide a means of exploring said flavor.

So my current fav flav of Kewl is the Obits. See who they are HERE . Rick Froberg from Hot Snakes and other things leads this outfit. See them January 11 at the Talking Head


Merlin's type of bike, my type of woman

Actually, I'm sure this is Merlin's type of girl too. Purposefully stolen from Mr. J. Wright and his outfit CofC . Jeebus.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Post Hijack- Thanks to FMA/Mr.Peterson/Harpoon

Holy shitballs, this Jesse James piece is up on eBay. Striped by the Harpoon. I think it would take up half of UM... but it'd fit perfect in the shop in my dreams.

See FMA's original post with a link to the eBay posting HERE

Rad Saturday

I know you've always pondered, 'what does Unholy Motor do on a Saturday in November?' Merlin and I took a through-town trip to the Dirty Burnie and went mad at the Harbor Fright. Stopped at the RoFo for some fried chicken- best in Baltimore, not as good as Bojangles. Upon return to the shop, the '65 got some much needed TLC in the form of an ingenious wiring of the wipers by Merlin, an team effort on the passenger side header gasket, some tail light work, and we finally wired up the Moon tach.

Perfect shop day, followed by Merlin's soon-to-be-famous chicken-fried steak dinner. Christ that was good.

Merlin tending to the '65

Master checking his student's work

So this is what I have so far.... a departure from the original sketch, but I wanted a helmeted reaper in it. Still tweaking it a bit, but it'll be a sticker before long. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Next Logo

Instead of finishing my '73 CB500 chop, I've been sketching logos to work into Photoshop and Illustrator for two close friends, and of course, for Unholy Moto's next sticker-shirt-etc. Here's a preview.

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Shop in black and white

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The '65 Dash

From Tuesday evening.

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If you knew the Swarm, or know Unholy Moto, you know Rufus Thelonious Monk Villani. He's the best. And unkept, unbathed, smelly, demanding, lazy, definitely a dog in manifested descriptives. But latently, to the people who know him, and especially to me, he is more human than most human beings. I prefer his company to yours. And on the days I work my paying gig, I miss him more than I could describe in a blog post. Here he is tonight, watching the computer and keeping me company.

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The armed and alarmed in our logo represents the need to have an alarm on your shop and to be armed whilst working there. After what I'm certain was a botched robbery attempt on the street tonight as I was walking to my booze dispensary, I've decided to carry at night, period. People are getting too desperate and brazen, and damned if some shit turd's getting the drop on me.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Ride

Another perfect weekend ride, led by Swarm Svenghali RB.

Prettyboy Dam stop...

Say cheese! No, really...

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CB project headlight mock-up

Dicked around with it both ways. Gonna run it hanging, rested between the trees, with a metal Alex Knost-esqe surfer mounted on top of the headlight bracket (gonna fab it up this week). This also gave me the idea of naming the bike 'Street Log', which I will pinstripe onto the tank at some point.

Plan B- scratched..

This is the clear winner...


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coffee Grinder Rehab

After a month with a broken coffee grinder, I finally got around to taking it apart to figure out why in the hell it wasn't grinding coffee. Turns out, a 3/32" tab (in the form of a 3/32" dowel through the motor's spline) had sheared.

So, after consulting with the machine God Merlin, I came up with a solution. Bore that bitch out to a 1/8" tab!

1/8" steel dowel...

Dowel inserted...

All work done at Unholy Motorsports, now an unauthorized Kitchenaid appliance repair and modification center.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dr. Glory

DicE Magazine has a back page column every issue titled Dr. Glory. It is the warm, gooey center in a delicious creme donut of a biker mag. Anyway, I got to meet it's author, Dr. Glory himself, and ride motorcycles with him. Turns out these fact-based stories sometimes mention a certain 'sea port.' Baltimore indeed! In order to protect Dr. Glory from being mobbed by other star-fucking readers, his face has been obscured.

Last Sunday's Ride

A few of us nuts got a great ride in last weekend. Weather and road conditions were as perfect as it gets. . .

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Picture Story

Here's my past few days in reverse chrono order. . .

Pete's was a riot. Drank heavily with longboard skate dood and many friends of the 2-wheeled persuasion. . .

Here's the shop with the Trump backed in. . .

Helped Friends get stolen bike out of impound. . .

Hampden MICA student street art. I dig it. . .

The shitty electrics involved in a '73 CB5-Four. . .

Nice little Biltwell posts to weld on shortly. . .

The end. Look for pics from insane riding sesh manana.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soo much cool sh*t to post!

But, first I must descend on Fells Point for 1st Thursdays at Peter's Inn.

Barkeep Sam Holden and Owners Bud and Karin host the rowdiest bikers in town for drink, trading bullshit stories, and a few dick and fart jokes.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


About a month ago, while returning from a USAR mission chasing Hurricane Earl, my convoy stopped in a town that just so happened to have the shiny and ridiculous anti-biker headquarters of OCC in it. Under protest, I walked in and promptly walked out, choosing to use this time to update family and friends of our homeward-bound progress.

While catching up on the blogs this morning, I ran across this at Greasy Culture

There is too much of this poser bullshit going down in the bike world. One of the things I love about having old bikes and cars in my life is the fully original people that also surround themselves in this and create such beautiful things. The antithesis of this is the OCC anticulture trainwreck. Someone that has blood on their hands for selling bikes and a pseudo lifestyle out to the mass media took it even further into the culture ditch to rob an image of a true art house bike builder for their shitty t-shirt.

Do your own thing. Or sit in front of the TV and get fatter and stupider, and continue to steal faux identities and be a poseur.

Mr. Schaaf's Cross-Country Ride

As I previously mentioned, I met Max Schaaf in Greenpoint Brooklyn a few weeks ago. While catching up on the blogs, I ran across this picture of his ride from and back to Oakland (7000 miles). He had said Friday night that it was a mess; this photograph is from Saturday's Invitational, and someone had obviously put a few rags on it.


Thanks to ChopperDave for the pic

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Took the'65 C10 for a spin

Shitty clip, great run.

LA (does not equal) Baltimore

Found this stuck on Rocket's towel machine today. Pretty rad. Although I dig LA, especially In-N-Out, The Whiskey, Roscoes, and The Getty, I'm good on it not being Harm City.

*Update* It took me a few days, but I get it. See also latest post on Poseurs.

I think this is a UCD/ Lowside Syndicate job. Thanks for putting it out there fellers.

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Fall and Fire

Wish I had a rad story about riding to and from this camp fire, as it was in a remote area of Northeast W-by-god-VA. It was clear enough out to see the cosmic dust from distant galaxies among the stars. Even saw UrAnus.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Really Rad Throttle

Missed this (photo from CofC) the other weekend at the Brooklyn Invitational. Truly inspiring work done to make a bike go.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Me at The Old Shop

Going through some old pics today. Found this gem. Sometimes I miss the old shop. Other times, like when I recall the commute across the city to Highlandtown, or the high rent, I'm thankful for the new spot- a whopping 4 blocks from the house and a lot easier on the wallet.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Missing the Greaseball for a good cause.

My Foundation, Don't Panic is hosting a benefit for a Fireman in need. Luau style, complete with a fire and plenty of pork, booze, good friends and family.

Reflection on Greenpoint

If I had one based on my experience last weekend using photographs instead of words, one of the few highlights could be summed up in this photograph, taken from DicE

If I had a picture of me shaking Max Schaaf's hand and one of Mollusk's beautiful Greenpoint Surf Shop, those would complete my reflective high points.