Making Motorcycles From Junk Parts Since 2006

Thank you for visiting the blog that represents Unholy Motorsports. We are a team of two with a shop in the Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden. We previously occupied a space in Highlandtown, once home to Thompson Metalcraft. We've been making bikes from junk parts since 2006, and continue to work on personal projects and on customer bikes by appointment.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Merlin's latest completed project also happens to be his new ride. Frankenbike did it's first sea trial today. Assembled from the bits of two separate bikes and some solid finds on the internet.

What Occupies Your Dreams?

This. Thanks to DicE for sharing my dreams.

Miki's Fundraiser

Miki's fundraiser at the Windup Space was very well attended and a total blast. Arboretum, Il Culo and Phi played great sets, the raffle was loaded with great goodies (I was robbed), and there were some rad shirts for sale. All the proceeds went to Miki, including the bar take from what I gather- Windup's owner Russell has a heart O' gold! Old Lowsider/ Swarm members Joe Lo, RB, and Danek, and 2-wheeled purists Johnny and Tom were in attendance, as was DJ and friend of all rockers Gilbert. It was great to see those cats, and all the other Baltimore regulars that came out.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fundraiser Tomorrow Night For Miki Scholtes

Come to the Windup Space tomorrow night (doors 8PM) for a beneift concert for Baltimore native and friend to so many Miki Scholtes. She was critically injured in a hit-and run accident earlier in the year... Come out and support The Windup Space's effort to raise some money for a truly great Gal!

See you there!

Sticker Editing 101

Not a big fan of the oval stickers... or Baltimore's Charm City tag. . . Excacto knife fixes everything.

Rocket To Venus/ Chicken and Waffles

My waterin' and feedin' hole, Rocket To Venus (owned by 2-wheeled Bruvs Geoff and Buck- of the Lowsiders), has recently added some tasty bits to the menu including.......... And you thought you could only get this whilst visiting LA? Brilliant!

Shirts and shop rags coming

As soon as I figure out how to screen print. Got everything set where's that damn instruction manual?

Here's our new shop. We moved from a shop we inhereted from Ross (of Blue Star Motorcycles - Kansas City) that was in Highlandtown to our present Hampden location. Never realized how much junk we have, and that Ross and the folks before him had as well. We've gone from a 1500 square foot space to a 400 square foot space, so you can imagine the downsizing that's taken place. Somehow we've managed to fit all of our bikes (the visitor bikes had to go), tools, tyre machine, fridge, music and choice bits with some room to spare.