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Thank you for visiting the blog that represents Unholy Motorsports. We are a team of two with a shop in the Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden. We previously occupied a space in Highlandtown, once home to Thompson Metalcraft. We've been making bikes from junk parts since 2006, and continue to work on personal projects and on customer bikes by appointment.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Shop Rags Coming

Made a few of the new logo and of my dog Rufus' sticker logo-yeah he has a sticker. I'll have 'em up for sale next week- red and white rags with blue and silver inks...

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Mr. Holden

is having an opening at Rocket on Sunday. I will be in Nags Head on a family/ surf/ revitalization sabbatical, but you should be at Rocket on Sunday for this. Seriously.

UM shop rags getting some proper use

Swarm crime boss RB sent this along. Total shop rag porn.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Like Music?

I figured a great way to paint a picture of who I am (and who Merlin is) is to occasionally put up a favorite flavor of Kewl Aid and maybe provide a means of exploring said flavor.

So my current fav flav of Kewl is the Obits. See who they are HERE . Rick Froberg from Hot Snakes and other things leads this outfit. See them January 11 at the Talking Head


Merlin's type of bike, my type of woman

Actually, I'm sure this is Merlin's type of girl too. Purposefully stolen from Mr. J. Wright and his outfit CofC . Jeebus.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Post Hijack- Thanks to FMA/Mr.Peterson/Harpoon

Holy shitballs, this Jesse James piece is up on eBay. Striped by the Harpoon. I think it would take up half of UM... but it'd fit perfect in the shop in my dreams.

See FMA's original post with a link to the eBay posting HERE

Rad Saturday

I know you've always pondered, 'what does Unholy Motor do on a Saturday in November?' Merlin and I took a through-town trip to the Dirty Burnie and went mad at the Harbor Fright. Stopped at the RoFo for some fried chicken- best in Baltimore, not as good as Bojangles. Upon return to the shop, the '65 got some much needed TLC in the form of an ingenious wiring of the wipers by Merlin, an team effort on the passenger side header gasket, some tail light work, and we finally wired up the Moon tach.

Perfect shop day, followed by Merlin's soon-to-be-famous chicken-fried steak dinner. Christ that was good.

Merlin tending to the '65

Master checking his student's work

So this is what I have so far.... a departure from the original sketch, but I wanted a helmeted reaper in it. Still tweaking it a bit, but it'll be a sticker before long. Stay tuned.