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Thank you for visiting the blog that represents Unholy Motorsports. We are a team of two with a shop in the Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden. We previously occupied a space in Highlandtown, once home to Thompson Metalcraft. We've been making bikes from junk parts since 2006, and continue to work on personal projects and on customer bikes by appointment.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zero Chopper Spirit

Ordered this book online directly from Chopstick in Japan, and six days later it arrived. Hand signed for under 40 bones and all monies go to the continued relief effort in Japan.

Always fascinated by the Japanese language, especially in the written form.

T-100 Gets New Bars

These Faclon Enduro bars narrowed my bike's profile by 6 inches- making lane splitting a little easier. They also bring my riding posture slightly forward of neutral. Norman Hyde cable extensions for the clutch, brake and throttle. I used a Honda dirtbike clutch lever and bicycle bar tape for the grips. . .

I'm in the process of changing out the right side controls as well. Below is the bracket that holds the highbeam and horn switches on the left- it has been painted black and will hold the kill and start switch on the right side- this bracket has been fitted up under the tank.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Stay tuned/ sorry for the recent lack of posts

It's been crazy in my life lately- all good but crazy nonetheless. Plenty to post and share in the coming weeks, including a new shirt based on the FarOutFast logo. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, CTOP:CofC :